Service Fees

Your current health is the result of years of choices, experiences and cultural conditioning.

When you work with me I recognize you are unique. Every session is customized to meet your individual needs and goals.


I don’t believe in “spa menus”.

There is no such thing as a once-size-fits-all approach to your body.

Our time together is spent achieving the results both you and I are looking for, based off of your goals.

We may focus on soft-tissue release , corrective exercises, and/or solutions based on nutrition and lifestyle practices, where appropriate, during your session.

You will walk out with homework to play around with on your own.

My goal is to get you moving pain-free again in as little time as possible. Your full-time gig should be living your life, not side-lined by your pain, working everything around your therapy schedule.

When it comes to bodywork, unlike other massage establishments, you will not be charged more for specialized work like deep tissue, trigger point, or myofascial release.

  • All sessions are 45 minutes in duration. The service fee is $65.