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Aches and pains disappear when we learn to move more efficiently

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Injuries create doubt. Get the help you need to get back to enjoying your life.

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Overcoming aches, pains, and injuries allows us to live, love, and serve more robustly.

How it Works

Sometimes it hurts when you move a certain way.

You either have to back off or muscle through. One option keeps you from keeping up with your responsibilities, the other could lead to further injury and pain.

With Advanced Massage Therapy, you have access to highly effective manual and movement therapy so you can get back to your life with ease, efficiency, and enjoyment.

Here’s the plan we’ll use to properly address your aches, pains, and movement limitations.

Detailed History

Detailed History

A great recovery strategy requires connecting all the dots. A detailed health and injury history begins the process by gathering all pertinent information to help you succeed.

Postural & Movement Evaluations

Postural & Movement Evaluations

All muscles have 2 functions: posture and movement. We’ll take a thorough look to see what may be affecting your ability to function without discomfort.

Gentle Muscle Function Testing

Gentle Muscle Function Testing

This is where your strategic process really takes off.  With gentle muscle testing, we accurately identify any compensation patterns to custom-design each session to your individual needs. We don’t guess, we test.



A hands-on approach to quickly finding areas of excessive muscle tone and restriction.

Soft-Tissue Release

Soft-Tissue Release

Sometimes muscles overwork and need the volume turned down. We’ll address the critical soft-tissue structures that need “relaxing” so the underworked areas can function more efficiently.

Corrective Movement Strategies

Corrective Movement Strategies

Successful recovery requires homework. You will be provided with the accurate stretches and strengthening strategies needed to have the best outcome.

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Case Files

Interesting cases and findings straight from the table.

Meet Nina



Nina is a passionate human being with high standards, great expectations, and an insatiable hunger for vibrancy, vitality and adventure in life.

She believes knowledge is power and this applies to our health and wellness as we move away from prescriptions and procedures, toward prevention and preservation.

Nina leads an active lifestyle and is no stranger to aches, pains, and the occasional injury. Not being keen on injections and pills, she continues to pursue active strategies that will allow her to continue serving her community, keep up with her responsibilities, and maintaining (or improving upon!) her health as she gracefully ages.

Nina has practiced clinical massage therapist since 1999, and enjoys continuously building upon and expanding her understanding and knowledge of the human body and how it works at it’s most efficient and effective level possible.


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