Doormats Are Not Happy, Nor Healthy

Doormats Are Not Happy, Nor Healthy

Boundaries. Oh, Man!  Let’s talk about a tough topic.

If you want to ensure vital and vibrant health and happiness, you gotta understand what is important and valuable to you and protect those things fiercely.  That’s a boundary.


Have you every had someone come onto your property uninvited?

How about someone standing just a little too close to you?  Makes you mad and uncomfortable.

These are pretty easy to understand, your physical boundaries.


Boundaries have a funny way of getting fuzzy when it comes to your emotional and mental well-being.

Anyone with a meddlesome family member can speak to that.

These boundaries can be much more difficult to manage and protect because of a deep desire to not upset someone, even when they upset you.

Fuzzy boundaries can lead to emotional instability if you don’t figure out and protect yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Emotional instability and mental static can lead to some serious stress and overwhelm in your life.

If you want to live a vibrantly healthy and happy life, it’s important to maintain healthy boundaries in your relationships.


Signs of weak boundaries can include:

  • Abuse of any kind
  • Sacrificing your goals, dreams, or plans to make someone else happy
  • Blaming others for your emotional states, or for what happens in your life
  • Taking responsibility for someone else’s feelings

Healthy Boundaries are critical for:

  • Being assertive
  • Meeting your own needs
  • Empowered ability to make healthy choices
  • Positive, healthy self-esteem


Sit down and figure out what is important and valuable to you.  Protect those things.  Don’t allow yourself to be a doormat to another person by keeping fuzzy and weak boundaries.

Draw your “property line” and stick a DO NOT ENTER sign on it.

Some people love to step over the line in the sand. They will speak to you or try certain shenanigans, physically/mentally/emotionally. Protect your space.

Likewise, honor and respect the boundaries of those around you.  Show them how it’s done by remaining calm and kind whenever boundaries are in question.



In my numerous years of working with stressed out people as a massage therapist, I noticed there are some pretty glaring blind spots when it comes to stress management.

An hour massage once per month is great….but it isn’t enough to help you restore relaxation and enjoy the health and wellness you crave.  That you deserve.

Too many people lack the necessary skills to bring calm back into their lives.

I used to be one such person too. Still am sometimes.

Join me from the trenches as we attempt to shine a light on the blind spots and bring some peace and calm into out crazy lives.




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