Your Pain Isn’t a Mystery

Being in pain is a drag.

Nothing wears you out like an ache that won’t go away. Pain really cramps your style and ability to be excellent. It stops you from doing things you love to do. It keeps you at home, isolated and alone, watching Netflix instead of doing amazing things.

Pain & Injury











You’d do whatever you could to escape a nagging pain.

As an Orthopedic Massage Therapist, I see lots of people that aren’t feeling their best. They are uncomfortable. Crabby. Scared. Fed up!

Maybe you’ve tried numerous traditional medical approaches to feel better. Pain meds and muscle relaxers are common. Perhaps you’ve done a round of physical therapy. Your chiropractor is on speed dial. No one dare utter the S-word-that-shall-not-be-named (Surgery), and massage therapy is usually the last ditch effort.


One question I get every time I start working with a new client:

Why do I hurt so freaking much?! 

The majority of your issues didn’t happen overnight or in a dramatic accident. The majority of the pain and discomfort I work with builds slowly over time. It’s like shaking a soda bottle; a little shake makes very few bubbles. Keep on shaking it and be prepared to clean the soda off the ceiling. That’s what’s going on in your body too. The pressure builds until you feel the Big Ouch.


There are four basic players when it comes to the aches and pains you feel. Every injury can be traced back to Misuse, Disuse, Overuse, and good old Abuse.

Misuse: Incorrectly moving your body, which places stress on soft tissue (muscle, joint, ligament, tendon, connective tissue, discs, etc.)

Disuse: Not moving enough, which weakens soft tissue and causes balance and control problems.

Overuse: Moving too much, which causes fatigue by not allowing the body the time it needs to recover. Overuse also includes performing activities that require greater strength and endurance than you possess.

Abuse: Your soft tissues take a beating when excessive forces are placed on otherwise normal, healthy tissue.


My case files are filled with examples of the 4-‘uses.

  • The computer whiz with a rotator cuff injury in the right arm and tingling in the hand from using the mouse all day (Misuse).
  • The Lady with Fibromyalgia who doesn’t have the energy to exercise and aches terribly and has balance issues (Disuse).
  • The Marathoner who hurt his hip and knee and can’t keep up with his mileage because of the pain, but won’t take a break to heal the injury (Overuse).
  • The new Crossfitter jumping into a WOD for the first time after years as a couch potato and trying to keep up with the people who’ve been at it for ages (Abuse).


Good News: The 4-‘uses can be fixed.

Once you start using your body better, injuries heal, movement feels good, and you are back to your life stronger than ever. No pain. Just awesomeness.

Do you experience aches and pains that won’t go away? If you haven’t had your movements evaluated thoroughly and would like to explore how Misuse, Disuse, Overuse, and Abuse are affecting you, please consider doing so and getting back to your regularly scheduled activities.

Give me a call. I’d be glad to help you out.