Could it Be?!?!

Now, I’m not a graphic designer.  Nor a web design superstar.  I am a kick-ass clinical massage therapist and health/wellness educator and advocate.


Could it be I got this beast of a web re-design done?

Not perfect. But I like it.

I’ve been at this since last June.  Seriously.  I’ve had two photoshoots by the lovely, and extremely talented, Katie Hall of Katie Hall Photography (hi, KT!!) My friend, Amanda, showed me the WordPress ropes, and like every good baby bird, I flew….well, to be honest, more like FELL…out of the nest.  This site is Take 2, after learning and are 2 different things.  I’ve stayed up late.  Stressed a bit. Gone cross-eyed.  A LOT.  Swore.   A LOT MORE.  [shrug]

But I did it!

(Yes, I just threw my arms up in the air a la “TOUCHDOWN!” just then) ::giggle:giggle::

If you need your up-slipped sacroiliac joint fixed or your rotator cuff rehabbed. I’m your gal.  If you can’t sleep ’cause your stressing or you crave sugar like a fiend…I’m your gal. Call me!

If you want a website…Youtube some tutorials.  Fake it ’til we make it.

In the meantime….I’ve got some great tips and tricks to show you how to take care of your body, mind,and soul.   We’re talking easy things.  Uncomplicated things. Not expensively difficult things.  Because, if you’re like me, if the solution causes more stress, I’m not likely to do it.

I’ll also share some of my favorite recipes.  I am a Foodie, and while I do like salads, that salad better be gourmet! It’s gotta look good, taste good, be good for me, and keep me satisfied.

Stay tuned! Explore my site. Come on over to Facebook and join me there.  Better yet, sign up for my free email newsletter to make sure you stay in the know.

Talk soon! 🙂